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Technical Specifications

PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow is an optional module of PaperVision® Enterprise or ImageSilo® that extends enterprise content management functionality to include automated document routing.

Flexible licensing allows you to implement an unlimited number of workflows, to implement on a per workstep basis or to implement on a per user basis.

WorkFlow is part of a suite of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products that also includes solutions for email management and COLD/ERM print stream processing.

System Overview

  • Centralized administration console for all administrative, database and workflow functions is included
  • Graphical design of workflow processes eliminates the need for any programming or scripting
  • Workflows can be launched automatically based on administrator-defined conditions
  • Evaluation rules specify which tasks must be completed for a workstep to transition
  • Workflows can be edited, and changes are effective immediately—even on current workflow processes
  • Administrators can quickly activate and deactivate workflow processes
  • Workstep time restrictions ensure steps are completed in a specified time frame
  • Worksteps waiting in queue allow users to see details such as document ID numbers and index values, giving them specific information about pending documents
  • Workflow participants can take ownership of any workstep to complete the tasks in their work queues
  • Workstep ownership can be changed manually by administrators or automatically (based on pre-defined conditions) to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Automatic email notifications simplify process efficiency and maintenance
  • Workflow tasks can include sending email messages with attachments or even links to other documents
  • Worksteps can be cloned to streamline workflow setup
  • Custom notifications can be sent to workflow participants or administrators based on specified conditions
  • Status reports provide detailed information about current, active workflow processes to improve process efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Users can view workflow status without administrative rights, enhancing productivity while maintaining security
  • Detailed history reports contain completed workflow processes, worksteps and tasks for simplified auditing
  • Reports can be archived, filtered and printed for review at a later time
  • System adheres to provisions from the Workflow Management Coalition, ensuring continuity with emerging standards
  • System works with Scan2PVE and Scan2ImageSilo to capture documents and upload them into a new or existing workflow process
  • System works with PaperVision® Message Manager to leverage email and attachments to automatically launch workflow processes
  • All upgrades are included with annual maintenance, ensuring access to the latest product features and benefits
  • Complete, detailed online help includes step-by-step instructions to get you started quickly
  • Toll free, legendary technical support is eager to assist with any questions you may have


  • This add-on product is fully protected and supported by the same security features and capabilities of PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo (see ImageSilo and PaperVision Enterprise product sheets for details)
  • Simplified administration can be performed by specific users or general system administrators

Scalability and Reliability

  • Flexible licensing allows you to deploy workflow functionality within a single department or across an entire enterprise
  • Unlimited workflow participants can be defined based on existing PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo users and groups
  • Simple user interface allows administrators to graphically define and edit multiple workflows with unlimited worksteps in seconds
  • Unlimited tasks can be included in a single workstep to increase flexibility in workflow design
  • Multiple servers and workstations can be load-balanced to ensure task efficiency even during busy time.


  • Extensive use of web services to support integration and cross-platform compatibility
  • COM-based APIs support both local and remote communications without requiring modification to code
  • ActiveX® (OCX) controls can be embedded into third-party applications
  • Customizable source code is included for both browser-based and desktop client applications
  • System supports the ability to launch line-of-business applications automatically at any point in the workflow process
  • Integration with Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 enables companies to leverage the PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow functionality directly within their SharePoint portal

WorkFlow Toolkit

  • The WorkFlow Toolkit is an optional, separately licensed component of PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow that enhances integration and enables users to easily access WorkFlow controls from their line-of-business application.
  • Benefits include:
    • WorkFlow ActiveX controls offer developers an industry-standard programming interface and can be easily deployed with any application
    • WorkFlow controls integrate directly with your line-of-business interface for easy and instant interaction
    • Integrated access to the worksteps waiting in queue allows users to act on documents the moment they are ready
    • Integrated access to the task list enables users to conveniently view and check-off tasks for each document
    • Integrated access to current workstep ownership simplifies task prioritization and enhances productivity
    • Included samples provide a simple, easy-to-follow examples for implementing WorkFlow controls within your line-of-business application


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