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ImageSilo is an ultra-secure, on-demand Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

As the largest on-demand installation of PaperVision® Enterprise, it offers all the same features and functionality. ImageSilo was the first on-demand ECM system to market in 1999 and is recognized as the industry-leading service today.

System Overview

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee ensures data is always available
  • System complies with European Union Safe Harbor policies
  • All data center locations are SAS 70 compliant
  • Dedicated import servers are available to facilitate massive data uploads
  • An on-demand system means no capital expenditure for system implementation and a tax-deductible operating expense for organizations
  • Native viewing of more than 250 file types allows you access to any document
  • Extensive audit trails and disclosure data gathering assist in complying with industry and government regulations, including HIPAA for the healthcare industry, 21CFR Part 11 for FDA regulations and more
  • Searchable security logs allow administrators to target specific actions, users, dates or search values to monitor activity
  • Directory Manager automates the importing and indexing of documents from any source media including multi-function devices, network-attached scanners and/or photocopiers
  • Scan2ImageSilo allows users to scan and upload documents directly from a scanning device into ImageSilo, making any installation an ad hoc scan station for distributed scanning
  • Scan2ImageSilo enables users to add, move or delete pages within a document  as well as maintain version control on those documents
  • Configure retention policies to protect records from destruction during specified time periods
  • Set destruction policies to purge expired records
  • Send an email notification or require review prior to destruction of any document
  • A single-sign on via windows-integrated authentication simplifies the login process
  • FREE PaperVision® Message Manager component imports, captures and organizes email messages
  • A single-sign on via windows-integrated authentication simplifies the login process
  • Optional PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow service, with easy-to-use graphical interface, automates the flow of information through routine business processes
  • PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow and Scan2ImageSilo work together to allow users to capture documents and upload them into a new or existing workflow process
  • Optional PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management processes COLD/ERM print stream data into electronic reports and imports and indexes them into the ECM system
  • Optional Data Delivery enables companies to package a duplicate copy of data into a single, encrypted, compressed file and transfer it (through FTP or secure FTP) on a user-defined schedule to a separate site for disaster recovery
  • Instant upgrades are performed by Digitech Systems, freeing IT resources from system maintenance
  • Complete, detailed online help includes step-by-step instructions to get you started quickly
  • Toll free, legendary technical support is eager to assist with any questions you may have


  • All Digitech Systems administrators and engineers are thoroughly screened and are subject to background checks
  • All administrators use dedicated, secure machines
  • All administrators follow strict password security guidelines, including password complexity, password expiration and RSA two-level user authentication technology
  • Data segregation separates database and document file data to ensure one company or department cannot access another’s data

System/Network Security

  • All systems are maintained on a closed network that allows no outbound connectivity
  • All systems are monitored 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year
  • Redundant firewall clusters are managed and constantly monitored by our firewall experts
  • Intrusion-detection technology monitors all system access and third-party penetration tests are routinely performed

Physical Security

  • Physical access is limited to required personnel who have proper clearance and photo identification
  • Live monitoring of all physical facilities, including videotape recording of all activities and all external utility entry points
  • Numerous provisions protect servers from environmental dangers (see Scalability and Reliability)

Transmission Security

  • Patent-pending caching routines ensure stored data is never exposed to the public network
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption of all network communications
  • Optional secure FTP/FTPS to encrypt data while in transit

Application Security

  • Company administrators can configure their own security policies, including encryption and records retention policies
  • Function-level security verification is performed for every API call made to ImageSilo
  • 256-bit AES encryption occurs during import, during transmission, optionally when data is stored and in communication with other ImageSilo services
  • Session ID encryption ensures that a session ID cannot be guessed to hijack a session
  • Session-source validation and IP address limiting guarantees access only from authorized locations
  • Automatic session termination closes a user’s session when it sits idle for a defined period of time
  • Security-policy administration tools include account lockouts, password complexity requirements and password expiration
  • System automatically monitors user activity as it is occurring
  • Entity-level security defines company-wide security settings
  • Group-level security assigns a common set of access rights to all users within a group
  • User-level security defines individual user permissions
  • Project-level security assigns functionality-based security at the project level and restricts access to create retention locks and set destruction dates
  • Document-level security allows for more specific security settings—down to the individual document
  • Function security controls user rights, such as printing, emailing, exporting and deleting
  • Index-level security controls user ability to view and/or edit document index fields

Scalability and Reliability

  • Geographically diverse, redundant data centers (located on separate continental power grids) store mirrored data for protection from major disaster
  • Elaborate backup systems ensure data integrity and reliability
  • Load-balanced, fully redundant web server clusters ensure fast response times, even under heavy loads
  • System architecture with no single point of failure ensures data availability
  • Optional access using the PaperVision® Enterprise desktop client requires neither a web browser nor a license fee
  • Optional desktop client provides secure private network connection, eliminating the need for a VPN to view documents
  • Centralized web-based administration console provides access to all administrative functions
  • Unlimited users allow access for every employee or customer
  • Unlimited access to documents anywhere, anytime
  • Unlimited projects allow you to group documents to meet increasing information management needs
  • Live OC48, OC12 and OC3 connections to multiple tier-1 internet service providers
  • Dual entry points for all fiber cabling ensure physical reliability of data lines
  • On-site diesel generators provide emergency power
  • State-of-the-art battery backups clean and back up external power sources
  • Advanced HVAC system ensures constant data center temperature
  • HVAC is tied directly to a fire detection and suppression system and is constantly monitoring air for smoke
  • Early smoke detection system detects microscopic changes in the data center environment
  • Global DNS network provides unprecedented DNS reliability and response times
  • Redundant storage clusters ensure full availability of data


  • Extensive use of web services support integration and cross-platform compatibility
  • COM-based APIs support both local and remote communications without requiring modification to code
  • ActiveX® (OCX) controls can be embedded into third-party applications
  • Customizable source code is included for both browser-based and desktop client applications
  • Integration Manager enables point-and-click integration with third-party applications
  • PaperVision® Enterprise Tools for ImageSilo provide out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft® Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Windows Explorer
  • Scan2ImageSilo is compatible with any TWAIN-enabled scanning device to input single or multi-page documents directly into ImageSilo
  • Integration with Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 enables companies to leverage the ImageSilo® document management and workflow functionality directly within their SharePoint portal
  • Custom, private-label sites are available

System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer® 6.0 or higher, Mozilla® Firefox® 1.5 or higher
  • Additional Requirements for Optional Desktop Installation
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP or higher
  • 256 MB RAM








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