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Welcome to RaamProducts

The Enterprise Content Management Company

We offer a wide range of ECM solutions and services that deliver any document, anywhere, at any time. 
Because of the large or unrestrained growth of documents companies have difficulty to manage this information. 
RaamProducts makes it possible that companies of all sizes can manage this in an effective and secure way as where they can store the business information such as paper documents, electronic files, email messages and print output as a part of the solution. 
By lowering the cost of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), RaamProducts offers the advantage of an ECM as a generator of substantial cost savings and is therefore a key factor in any well managed company. 

RaamProducts is an organization that specializes in all facets of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and is the Authorized Independend distributor of DIGITECH Systems. 
This gives you the unique opportunity to Saas ImageSilo® product to use or the in-house productsuite Papervision® Enterprise 

Through its reseller network provides businesses RaamProducts: 

  • reduce content management costs
  • increased security 
  • compliance 
  • improved efficiency of business processes 

This software products and services that deliver the desired information anywhere at any time, resulting in a sustainable competitive advantage for the company. 
RaamProducts has a number of services that allow enterprises to strategically guide the choice of an ECM platform with SAAS or software in the home. 

You can think of: 

  • The document processing
  • Analog 
  • Digital 
  • Storage 
  • The retrieval 
  • The additional laws and regulations 
  • Collaboration 
  • Integration into existing automation systems 
  • Project Management 
  • Back file conversion 

RaamProducts will where possible cooperate with any of its partners. 

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Look what ECM can do for your company. 

RaamProducts distribute DIGITECH products through its certified dealer/reseller hosting and network partners. 

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